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Zinc Oxides

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From the American method to the Zinc glue bond

Zinc oxide is found in nature in the form of coarse-grained red zinc ore, also called zincite. Depending on the manufacturing process, zinc white or zinc oxide is obtained.


Zinc white is produced by the so-called French process from zinc vapour and atmospheric oxygen.

Zinc oxide, on the other hand, is obtained either by carrying out production according to the so-called American process from zinc ores or scrap

  • by roasting,

  • reduction with coal

and direct subsequent reoxidation.

It can also be obtained wet-chemically by precipitation as hydroxide or carbonate from zinc salt solutions and subsequent calcination.

Zinc white is used as a pigment. Zinc oxide (ZnO) plays a major role in accelerated sulphur vulcanisation. Zinc oxide powder is a common additive of thermal conductive pastes and significantly increases their effectiveness.


In addition, zinc oxide is found as a component of pharmaceutical zinc ointments or pastes (e.g. Penaten cream), sunscreens and zinc glue dressings, zinc oxide causes the skin surface to dry out.

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