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Mipri's History

Mipri was founded in 2002 by Dieter Prippenow. He set himself the goal of enriching the polishing business, especially in the area of specialities, and developed the LZ products with the Mipri team between 2009 and 2011, which have since been used very successfully in polishes for end users and by professional used car refurbishers for car paints. To expand the product portfolio, they entered into a partnership relationship with Alteo in 2004.

Dieter Prippenow retired in 2019 and handed over the management to Dr Claudia Figulla-Kroschel. Since then, she has brought her extensive knowledge and experience in solid-state chemistry and formulation strategies to the company, among other things, so that the product portfolio could continue to grow. Our goal is to support you throughout the entire process chain and especially in the area of innovations with your team.


10 Reasons for our Company


Our Team

We are a small team that works in a global network with the big players in the industry. We work hand in hand with our partners.

Mipri is much more than a raw materials trader. Due to our extensive knowledge and experience, we can fulfil almost any wish you may have.


Insights into our company



Mipri is committed to Responsible Care.

Mipri trades, produces and cares for you with analytical and technical know-how all along the line.



As a small and very flexible company, we not only offer to collect your order from one of our warehouses. We are also happy to organise transport to your company for you through our reliable forwarding partners.

What are our values?

Responsibility towards people and nature, fairness and tolerance are among the basic values of our company. This includes that every employee, in his or her daily work, must


  • behaves lawfully and ethically

  • behaves loyally towards his or her company and towards others,

  • acts professionally, fairly and reliably in all business dealings,

  • deal fairly, courteously and respectfully with colleagues, customers and business partners,

  • takes due account of the interests of customers and business partners, authorities, the public and the environment,

  • respects and observes other cultures and cultural frameworks,

  • refrains from any inappropriate form of discrimination,

  • dealing with risks in a responsible and transparent manner.


We have anchored our values in our Code of Conduct and in our voluntary commitment to Responsible Care.

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