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do not occur in nature in their purest form, but are associated with other elements. The mined material is bauxite. The first step before pure Al₂O₃ is the Bayer process. Depending on the requirements, further processing steps follow.


Aluminium hydroxides

occur naturally, crystallised as gibbsite. It can be precipitated from aluminium salt solutions by adding bases. During precipitation, amorphous aluminium hydroxides of varying water content are initially formed, which slowly change into crystalline form, but more quickly when heated.


Aluminium silicates

are mineral compounds of Al₂O₃ and SiO₂ that can be produced naturally or synthetically.


Zirconium silicates

Zirconium occurs in nature as silicate ZrSiO₄ (= zircon) and as zirconium dioxide ZrO₂ (= zircon earth, baddeleyite). We have ZrSiO₄ in our programme as standard.


Zinc oxides

Zinc oxide crystallises in the wurtzite type. When heated, the white ZnO changes its colour reversibly to yellow above 425°C. The colour is due to lattice defect. The colour is due to lattice defect.


Tungsten carbides

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