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"Any action of influence is efficient if you understand precisely in which game you play."

Daniel Guéguen, professor at the College of Europe

Product Finder

Our product finder makes it easy for you to find just the right clay. You can customise your search by application area and important chemical properties to make a faster selection.



Polishing clays for every application – matt and glossy, hard or soft –
with our polishing clays the surface becomes perfect.


Insoluble fillers of different origin and composition, influence mechanical, electrical and general properties in composite materials.
You will also find thermally conductive fillers in this category.


Our clays ensure soft skin in peelings and the right texture in toothpaste. We complement our product portfolio here with zinc oxide.


Alumina is omnipresent as an "all-rounder" in ceramics. Alumina is often used for corrosion-resistant parts, in high-temperature technology, medical technology or even cutting tools. Coatings of aluminium oxide are non-conductive and are therefore
are therefore used as insulators in spark plugs or high-voltage insulators. Al₂O₃ is also found in glazes - it influences numerous properties here.


Aluminium oxides with high specific surface areas and unique pore structures are used in the chemical industry as catalyst supports, as catalysts themselves or also as adsorbents for various applications, such as in water treatment.

Brake Pads

In the production of brake pads, aluminium oxides are among the functional materials –
in particular among the abrasive materials with which the braking performance in complex composite materials is controlled in interaction with the coefficient of friction.


About us

Since 2002, Mipri has specialised in various oxides used for polishing, as fillers, in cosmetics, ceramics, brake linings and as catalysts.
No matter how much previous knowledge you have, we will help you with our expertise to find the right grain and formulation for your application. We are specialists in developing tailor-made solutions for you.
No matter whether it is a question of off-the-shelf products or products calcined by us.


Insight into our Company

Mipri has been providing you with customised solutions since 2002. But we also trade and produce material ourselves. Mipri also has numerous analytical capabilities, development expertise in processing and formulation. We are even happy to be your discussion partner in marketing and benchmarking. We look at and illuminate the products in their entirety - from all sides. Contact us and find synergy effects together with us!



In every industrial sector there are technical terms that we would like to introduce to you here with our glossary. Even non-specialist readers will find technical terms explained directly here. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are happy to discuss your challenges with you on different professional levels. We see ourselves as partners of our clients. Your success is also our success.

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