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Brake Pads

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Alumina in
ceramic brake pads

A brake lining is a component used in vehicles or also moving parts of machines to reduce the speed of movement. The kinetic energy that occurs is converted into heat by friction on a drum or brake disc.


This definition implies the requirement for the functional material aluminium oxide. The friction value in combination with the heat resistance must bring the desired effect in the composite. Alpha aluminium oxide, i.e. corundum, is extremely heat resistant with a melting point of 2050°C. Friction value and abrasiveness are controlled by the production of the aluminium oxide alumina.

Since the frictionally effective boundary layers between the friction lining and the mating material are constantly reconditioned depending on the many different operating conditions in a vehicle, it is not possible to speak of a constant or unchanging friction pairing.


Brake pads are complex composite materials in which aluminium oxide is only one component. The products proposed here are suitable for use.

Other products or even customised products on request.

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