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The world is dear to us

For us, sustainability is not an empty phrase, but a way of life. Every day we work on rethinking and reflecting on ourselves, our actions and our actions. What makes sense and what do we need to do to develop ourselves and our world? With which innovations and improvements do we create added value for a sustainable life? Where can we save resources? How can we use digital media effectively to save resources?  


That is why we have also decided to undergo voluntary assessment according to the sustainability criteria of Cefic and Responsible Care©. These analyses help us, and in discussion with our partners, to improve what we do every day.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda aim to achieve comprehensive sustainable development and affect governments, civil society, the private sector and science. In this context, Mipri GmbH is committed to making an active contribution. The German government is implementing these goals through the German Sustainable Development Strategy, with clear priorities and a monitoring and progress report every two years. Find out more in an article:

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